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Why Use Great Courses Coupons for [MONTH] [YEAR]!

The Great Courses coupons are your introduction to learning made fun. From the convenience of your headphones, mobile device, computer or television, you can learn from top-rated educators and professionals who know their material *and* can teach it as well. These are the professors you wish you had in school.


Knowledge is one thing you can never get enough of. You can have too much food, too much drink, too much sleep, too much exercise and too much of anything else that satisfies a biological need or want. You must exercise temperance – not too much and not too little. Moderation is the key.

But with knowledge, you can continue learning without harming yourself. You may spend too much time learning but it is not the learning itself that jeopardizes your health. Your brain will not suffer from having too much knowledge. It appears that the brain can handle an unlimited amount of knowledge. So when you use that Great Courses coupon code, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make a permanent improvement in your life.

Do humans need to know? Yes, from the ancient times when they were hunting and gathering. When attacking the woolly mammoth, humans needed to understand how to take down a creature much larger than they. When gathering berries or nuts, they needed to know which ones were safe to eat and which ones were not. When making clothes, shelter or tools, someone gained knowledge and passed it on to others. It as not an option to not know.

This website helps you gain knowledge about discounts for free. There is no need to buy a great courses coupon, just click to use them.

From the earliest times, humans have needed to know more about the world in which they lived. The more they knew, the better they could improve their living conditions, from medicine to forecasting weather. The application of knowledge led to many inventions that improved the standard of living dramatically.

Lifelong learning comes with a cost, but the cost is not overwhelming or even significant compared to what you spend on other diversions. Going to a movie, a ballgame or a concert can cost what an entire course from The Great Courses costs.

That alone shows that a course is an economical way to enhance your life.

A sobering statistic is that a full 50% of all teachers and professors graduated in the bottom half of their class. That means that you had a lot of those teachers and professors. And they were boring. Ultra boring.

You remember two kinds of teachers and professors, the worst and the best. The worst ones were either hard, boring or mean. The best ones were interesting, nice and challenging.

What do you remember about your favorite teacher or professor? The way the course was taught – it was fun yet you learned a lot. By reading this webpage, you learn about the great courses coupon, how to use it and why you should use it. That is a lot of fun.

With The Great Courses, you are getting the top 1% of the nation’s professors who will give you cutting edge material in your subject of interest and do it in an entertaining and educational way. There is no other company that can compare with giving you the brain power you need than The Great Courses.

Have you made a New Year’s resolution of committing to learning something new?

This is what we are here to do: we help you alleviate the costs by providing you the coupon discount to help you save big so that you can pursue lifelong learning. One of the most popular ones is the free shipping because customers who order DVDs or CDs have to pay at least $10, with the cost not based on weight but price. This is one of the few issues with the company, as if they make some money on shipping. Physical product always incurs a shipping fee while downloads do not.

Another popular discount that a lot of customers use is the site-wide discount, such as the 10 off, where it can be either 10% off or $10 off. A percentage discount is great for larger orders while a dollar discount is better for smaller orders. So if you have a coupon for $30 off a $100 purchase, you will want to keep the total of your purchase as close as possible to $100 in order to maximize the savings but if it is 30% off, then you can keep buying and the discount remains the same.

Many of the deals do not involve a coupon code but a priority code. A coupon code is applied upon checking out while a priority code is applied at the beginning of the browsing session.

One exciting development is the partnership The Great Courses and the Smithsonian have created to bring a stimulating diversity of material to everyone. A ten-year partnership ensures a long stable relationship to produce a wealth of knowledge that has the widest possible appeal.

Modern Delivery System

There are a wide variety of ways to learn – through streaming or download technologies to make it super easy to access your courses. With the electronic version, you can rest assured that you have a permanent backup of your courses. Or if you move to a new location, you login to your account and download another copy. No more worrying about damaging or losing a CD or DVD. No more clutter and space-devouring cases.

If you live outside of the United States, such as in the UK, streaming and download is definitely the best way to go. There is a branch office in the UK, but if you do not order physical product, it is easier to just go with downloads from the US site. If you need to have a DVD or CD, then get it from the UK location.

For the diehard learners, there are transcripts of the courses, so that they can read along or away from the course. For a minimal fee, these products are available in print or electronically. Store the transcripts and course guides on your tablet or smartphone so that you will never be caught without something to read and feed your mind with.

The advantage of paper transcripts is that it is easier to read and can be shared with others quite easily. The advantage of the electronic version is that it is much more portable and convenient to take with you. Plus, you do not need the great courses coupon shipping. Paper transcripts add to the weight of a shipment and increase the shipping charges.

Whether on the plane, exercising, stuck in the airport or waiting for someone, you can use the time wisely and do a little more learning.

Pay attention to the deals. There are some real gems like employee sales and almost-free pricing. Occasionally, there are the 9.95 coupon deals where you get 12 lectures for less than $10. That is less than $1.00 per lecture, an outstanding price. Employee pricing sales are also heavily discounted and that is a great time to load up on courses.

How to Use Great Courses Coupons

Our coupons are very easy to use and the website makes it very easy for you to apply them. One thing to notice is that there two kinds of codes: priority codes and coupon codes; make sure to enter the coupon code in the right place and hit the corresponding Apply button. Once the page reloads, you will see the discount applied in the cart:

Many people have gotten confused as to why the code they are entering is not working, and after buying it at full price, they realize that they missed the priority code text field.

Do not despair – The Great Courses is a company dedicated to customer support. Give them a call at 1-800-832-2412, explain your situation, and they will reimburse you for the difference.

We let you know clearly if the codes we give you are priority codes or coupon codes. Most of the them will be coupon codes.

And a bonus tip is that The Great Courses shopping cart lets you enter coupon codes for orders that do not quite meet the minimum. Suppose you have a great courses coupon $10 off with a minimum purchase of $100. If your order is close enough, $99, you can still use the coupon. The shopping cart is smart enough to consider your order “close enough” to the required minimum.

Worried about an expiration date? Many times, the actual expiration date of a coupon is at least a full day after, if not longer. Some coupon codes seem to work long after the expiration date. So keep trying all of the codes you find, you never know which ones may work even if they appear to have expired.

Are there any other websites that offer coupons? Yes, but all of the other sites are just coupon factories with no love for the product. Our website shows how much we love The Great Courses since we are diehard fans.

So save big by using our Great Courses coupons for [MONTH] [YEAR] and get some Brain Power Candy!

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