Brain Power Candy?

Yes, brain power candy. We love how it rolls off the tongue and provokes the imagination. Technically, it is referring to the goods of the mind. This site is dedicated to encouraging lifelong learning by pointing you to certain goods of the mind. Hence, Brain Power Candy.

Why Lifelong Learning?

Because as a human being, you need to. Wait a minute, you mean we need it in order to survive? Well, at some point you needed to learn certain things in order to meet survival standards and that is it. However, the human race was programmed to go even further than just learning only that which fulfills survival. Why? Well, look around! Can you see anything other than shelter, food and clothing that actually serves any survival purpose? Life can’t just be about survival if you find yourselves wanting to know more than just survival. Just look at the research efforts of astronomy, literature, religion, history, philosophy, mathematics and physics. Much of the things in those subjects have no practical value at all, yet the human race wants to know more.

And that’s because we as humans need to. This is what separates us from the rest of the animals.

No other animal has, without human intervention, sought to understand the world around it. They eat, sleep and reproduce. They do not compose music or create political parties. They do not communicate with a written language. They are creatures of habit.

What is the Candy?

Knowledge is the Candy. And some great knowledge comes from The Great Courses. It the top resource for fulfilling lifelong learning by providing courses on diverse subjects taught by the top 1% of the nation’s professors that will give you the updated cutting-edge knowledge.

This is the secret to the popularity of The Great Courses – these lecturers know how to communicate their material. They not only understand it thoroughly, they know how to make it interesting to learn. In short, these are the teachers we wish we had in school. We remember the one teacher we had because the material was taught well. It was not boring, regardless of the subject matter.

Subjects can range from philosophy, mathematics, biology, physics, astronomy, geology, archaeology, religious studies, to writing, argumentation, decision-making, conflict management and wine appreciation. They provide these courses in different formats, including DVDs, audio CDs, video download and audio download.

Play a Great Course in the car and listen to at least two lectures a day going to and from work. You can take lifelong learning with you wherever you are. Going for a jog? Put the lectures on your MP3 player and enhance your mind along with your body. The Great Courses app enables you to stream the lectures to your mobile device.

Maximize Brain Power With The Great Courses!

If lifelong learning is your goal, which we hope it is, then The Great Courses is what you need. With good time management, modest discipline and the ability to save with Great Courses coupons, you will be on your way to lifelong learning. The range of topics continues to grow, and can help you live a better life.

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