Natural Law and Human Nature

Natural Law and Human Nature
Taught By Professor Father Joseph Koterski, S.J., Ph.D., St. Louis University,
Fordham University

Course No. 4453
24 Lectures
30 minutes/lecture

I have gone through Natural Law and Human Nature four times and have profited from and enjoyed each time more than the previous time. Professor Koterski’s survey of natural law, especially through the Classical, Medieval, and Enlightenment periods presents a rational and consistent view of how human beings believe they should behave. The course finishes with topical applications of Natural Law.

This course traces the origin of natural law, the how’s and why of this teachings. Grab this course at a discounted price using the Great Courses coupons.

Professor Koterski is thorough enough for experienced listeners, yet easy to follow for those with a less philosophical background. In fact, for those just venturing into the philosophy topic of The Great Courses, I would recommend this course first. The subject’s relevance to all is brought home throughout this fine treatment.

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